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Strawberry Pie | Tarte aux Fraises

By Pauline Gerard

This recipe has several steps, but it's a great way to challenge your kids and teach them to follow step-by-step directions, work on their knife skills, gain confidence in the kitchen, and feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when the pie is finished! As a 10-12 year old, I used to love making this recipe at grandma's house, each time gaining more autonomy in the kitchen. At 24 years old, I no longer need "adult" supervision, and I have multi-step recipes like this one to thank for my confidence in my decisions when in the kitchen! Home cooking is important for kids!

Prep Time: ~40 min

Cook Time: ~30 min

Ingredients -

Pâte Sablé / Dough:

  • 250g | 2 cups flour

  • 115g | 1/2 cup butter (at room temperature)

  • 40g | 3 tbsp sugar

  • A pinch of salt

  • 1/2 cup water (approximately)

Crème Pâtissière / Custard:

  • 1 liter | 4 1/4 cups milk

  • 150g | 3/4 cup sugar

  • 3 egg yolks

  • 120g | 1 cup flour

  • 1 tsp vanilla extract, if desired

  • 500g | 2-3 cups of strawberries

Directions -

Pâte Sablé / Dough:

  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees F / 180 degrees C

  • Add flour, sugar, and salt to food processor

  • Cut butter into small pieces, then add to processor

  • Run processor until ingredients appear mixed, then add water in small increments, pulsing the mixture in the processor until a large ball of dough begins to form

  • Remove dough and spread onto a pastry sheet with a small amount of flour

  • Use a rolling pin to spread it out to the desired size, then place dough into a pie pan

  • *To keep the dough from puffing up in the oven, place a piece of wax paper on top of the dough and weigh it down with any beans you may have on hand - then place in the oven for 30 minutes / until ready

Crème Pâtissière / Custard:

  • Bring the milk to a boil in a large pot

  • As milk warms, mix sugar, egg yolks, flour, and vanilla extract

  • When milk begins to boil, pour half onto the dry mixture and mix smooth

  • Add the contents of the bowl back into the pot and continue to heat on a low setting, stirring continuously, for 10 minutes / until the custard has thickened

  • Remove from heat and allow the custard to cool

  • Wash the strawberries, remove stems, and cut in half

Finishing Touches

Once the dough has cooled, spread the custard evenly on top and add the strawberry halves in any pattern you like covering the surface of the pie!


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