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At The Happy Lunch, our mission is to help parents and children understand the importance of each food they eat.  We will help you learn how to bring nutrient rich, delicious foods into your home on a daily basis, and with minimal effort.

Home practices play a critical role in promoting the health of our children and in establishing lifelong healthy habits and behavior patterns.  Ensuring lifelong health begins with establishing healthy eating behaviors early on in life.  The foods our children eat now, will have a huge effect on them in their adult life. With the significant rise in obesity over the past 30 years and rise in chronic health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, we have an opportunity to make a lifelong difference for our children by helping them adopt healthy eating patterns in a safe environment.

As a busy parent running a home of two working parents, I find it daunting to organize lunches each morning for my 4 year old, much less be creative with how to make sure she has a nutrient proper lunch that she would actually eat and enjoy.  As a practicing adult cardiologist, I have witnessed first hand the consequences of poor dietary habits: a significant rise in cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other chronic diseases.  I see men and women presenting with their first heart attack at even younger ages.  While there are many factors that lead to cardiovascular and other chronic diseases, the impact of what we eat is often significantly underestimated in how it contributes to disease – and we have complete control over this.  There is an opportunity for us as parents an as a community, to help our children adapt healthy eating patterns early on; our kids are the future. 

To make a difference in the health of Adults, we MUST start with our children.

This site is designed to help you achieve a nutrient rich home.  We  start with one meal – Lunch!  You will find lunch plans for the week – we encourage you to share these plans with your friends, if our kids are going to school with the same packed lunch as their friends, they get the added benefit of sharing the same food as their community.

Board of Directors


Dr. Kimberly Parks

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Geoffrey Grove

Chef, Culinary Artist

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Stephanie Moore


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Farah El-Hadidy

Farah El-Hadidy

Content Editor

Claire Marie Ryan


Stephanie Warshaw


Pauline Gerard

Pauline Gerard

Intern / Content Editor

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