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Dr. Kimberly Parks

 Founder, Director

     Dr. Parks is a practicing board certified cardiologist and internist, culinary medicine specialist, self proclaimed foodie and mother.  After treating adults with severe cardiovascular disease as well as a variety of other chronic diseases that are largely preventable, she shifted her research to understanding how to prevent people from suffering from chronic diseases when possible.  After learning the impact that food has on our health, she realized that the best way to impact chronic disease in adults is to start with our next generation; we must help our children understand the impact of food on our bodies and environment so they can develop healthful eating habits and make informed choices as adults. 

     The Happy Lunch Inc. was created to help fulfill this mission, as a way to simplify information for parents and children, starting with one meal  Lunch!  Lunch is a time during which kids are often eating with peers and adults; it’s a great time to create a positive food community.  When not creating recipes or spending time with her family, Dr. Parks is in clinical practice at   

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